The worst e-mail sins you could be committing

By: May 09, 2014
The worst e-mail sins you could be committing

The British Psychological Society revealed email habits that cause unnecessary stress.

Email has been around for years. The newness that brought excited when you heard the robotic voice say, “You’ve got mail,” has worn off. You send it at work, receive too many notices in your inbox, and have nightmares about it at night. But, did you know that there is email etiquette?

The British Psychological Society revealed email habits that cause unnecessary stress. From late night messages from your boss to annoying little habits, here are the worst email sins. How many are you committing?

Off the clock emails
The first email sin is the most common one committed. Simply put, you check your email around the clock. Psychologists say that checking your work email outside of work can cause stress and even prompt anxiety. When you are off the clock, your email should be as well. Perform well at work and the rest can wait for your arrival the following day.

Giving email the stiff-arm
Opposite of the compulsive checking, ignoring emails can also cause stress. While you may limit your replies, it is irresponsible to ignore emails. They do not go away. The best remedy for the sin is to prioritize the emails by level of seniority. Customers and bosses should come first.

Sending emails during a meeting
One of the rudest things you can do when someone else is speaking is to text on your phone and send emails. The speaker will take note and feel disrespected, no matter who it is. When in a meeting, be present. When you go back to your desk, handle the emails. Plain and simple.

Constant emailing
Do you feel compelled to respond to everything? It’s time to put an end to the endless chains of “thank-yous” and “goodbyes.” They aren’t necessary. There comes a time and a place when the conversation ends. Know that place. You will save yourself a lot of time if you realize when to stop emailing back and forth.

Leap at the keyboard with every email alert
The email alert can make or break you. If your email alert reveals a message from the high priority list, a.k.a. your boss, then you have permission to jump, but cafeteria announcements should be low on the list. Waiting until allotted times to check emails can save you a lot of time and energy, helping you be more productive during the day.

Email checks while on the beach
Checking one email while on vacation usually opens a can of worms. Soon you’ll be sucked into the email vortex without a life preserver. There will be no escaping. Once you send that first email you are sending out an alert to co-workers and employees that you are back at work. The email floodgates have opened. Set yourself limits and hire an out-of-office assistant if necessary. Emails can wait until you’ve brushed the sand off your feet.