Decoding hair colouring terms

By: Apr 25, 2014
Decoding hair colouring terms

There are three different types and you don’t have to be a hair stylist to understand what each means and how they affect your hair.

Ever wondered what the difference between permanent hair colours? There are three different types and you don’t have to be a hair stylist to understand what each means and how they affect your hair.

Semi-permanent hair colour is just as described – semi-permanent. This means that the hair colour applied will typically rinse out of your hair within 10-15 washes. The colour acts as a coating on the hair rather than penetrating the follicle. It fades with each washing and does not cause a permanent change in hair colour because there is no ammonia in the solution. First time hair colour changers usually go with the semi-permanent solution, just in case they don’t like how it turns out.

Semi-permanent hair is for women looking for a subtle change, but aren’t ready to commit to drastic colour differences. If you have grey hair or are looking for significant changes in colour, semi-permanent colouring is not an option.

Permament colouring is long-lasting and won’t wash out once applied. Rather than rinsing out after 10-15 washes, permanent hair colouring grows out. Depending on how fast your hair grows touch ups are required. Women generally receive touch-ups every six to eight weeks, sometimes shorter; depending on how fast the hair grows. Permanent colouring does contain ammonia and penetrates the hair. It does not coat the follicle like semi-permanent colour.

Permanent colouring is perfect for women who want to enhance their natural colour but have fifty-percent or more, grey hair. Permanent colouring can be used to either lighten or darken the hair by several shades and offer a natural look.

Demi-permanent hair colour does not contain ammonia like permanent hair colouring does. Natural peroxide is used to open the cuticle of the hair strand so that the colour penetrates the strand. Demi-permanent hair colour is longer-lasting than semi-permanent hair colour and washes out after 15-30 washes, depending on the brand. Demi-permanent colour enhances the natural colour and helps blend grey hair. Demi-permanent hair colour is great for hair that contains 50 percent or less grey hair strands throughout the head.

Demi-permanent hair is a healthy option for women who do not want to colour their hair with ammonia and like the idea of their hair going back to its original colour. The demi-permanent colours are more effective than semi-permanent but not as strong as permanent colouring. Women who want to darken their hair while allowing it to go back to its natural state within weeks use this type of colouring. It is recommended for those who have yet to go completely grey.

Your stylist comes with as many options for hair colouring as he or she does styles. If you are concerned about the colouring you should use, be sure to ask questions and seek answers.