Bizarre pain relief remedies that actually work

By: Apr 28, 2014
Bizarre pain relief remedies that actually work

Whether it’s a bee sting or a mammogram, implementing these odd tricks may ease the pain.

Studies show quirky pain relief tricks are highly effective, reduce aches and pains, and keep the pain patient in the right frame of mind. The remedies are natural and can be done without popping one single pill.

Whether it’s a bee sting or a mammogram, implementing these odd tricks may ease the pain. Headaches, backaches, or even ear pain – here are a few of the strangest relief remedies.

Swear Words
Shouting a four-letter word when you stub your toe or feel your back go out can actually increase the person’s pain tolerance. Studies show that people who shout out a swear word now and again when they experience pain can actually get through the sensation easier than the person who holds their tongue.

Sentimental Surfing
Women undergoing an uncomfortable test like a mammogram often surf through pictures of loved ones on their phones to make the situation more bearable. Studies showed that women who looked at faces of loved ones on their phones while undergoing painful tests were less likely to report pain than women who stared at strangers or standard office artwork or paintings.

Inhale, Exhale
Are you a big wimp when it comes to blood tests or flu shots? Before the needle poke, implement childbirth or yoga techniques that keep the breathing rates slowed. The heart rate tends to remain level and the individual focuses more on distracting breaths than the pain.

Keeping calm and winding down before bed make for a good night’s sleep. Studies show that women who meditate daily had a thicker cortex of the brain, the part that affects sensitivity to pain, than those who do not meditate. Women can actually boost their pain tolerance after a few days of meditation practice.

Apple Sniffs
If you feel a headache on the rise, take in a large whiff of a fresh apple or lit candle with a similar smell. Studies show that when women were in the middle of a full-blown migraine attack, they sniffed ground apples in a test tube and watched the pain disappear. The people who sniffed the apples showed favorable results and reduced pain, while the individuals who smelled empty test tubes did not receive any relief from pain.

Spend Time With Your Best Friend
Low back pain and different ailments that are persistent in nature tend to be more management with a little extra TLC from friends. A recent Spanish study found that patients who spent time with friends and family found ways to manage and cope with painful symptoms. They were less likely to use pain relief medications and were in a better overall mood than people who did not spend regular time with loved ones. The general consensus was to hang out with your BFF.