Christmas day upset tummies and how to relieve them

By: Dec 23, 2013
Christmas day upset tummies and how to relieve them

Too much fun and frivolity can cause the dreaded Christmas day upset stomach.

Christmas day should be all about family, gifts, food and festivities. While those things are all good, too much fun and frivolity can cause the dreaded Christmas day upset stomach. So how do you relieve, or better yet, avoid an upset stomach on Christmas day?

Put Down Those Sweets
You’ve been eating good all year. Who cares if you indulge a little on Christmas by going for that second piece of pie or extra helping of mashed potatoes and gravy right? It might be tempting, but stop for a moment and think about the potential side effects. That one extra cookie, piece of pie or prime rib can be just enough to send your tummy over the edge. It isn’t worth it. Just put down the cookie and walk away. Slowly.

Be Prepared with a Holiday First-Aid Kit
Holiday tummy trouble can strike at a moments notice. So you better be prepared. You’ve got the headache medicine to counteract your crazy uncle and out of control nephew, but make sure to pack plenty of over the counter remedies for heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach.

Avoid Airport Food When Travelling
Many people travel great distances to visit family and friends for the holidays. Experts say that a case of holiday upset stomach is often a case of traveller’s diarrhea in disguise. Traveller’s diarrhea is caused by food workers not washing their hands then handling your food. The best way to avoid traveller’s diarrhea is avoid eating airport foods altogether by packing your own snacks in a carry on bag.

Get Plenty of Rest
People who travel several miles, especially by plane, are often susceptible to a case of travel induced holiday tummy. Travelling often upsets the body’s normal rhythm due to a lack of sleep, fluids and normal foods. This can cause the stomach to go crazy. The best remedy is to try and get enough rest, water and healthy foods when travelling.

Take it Easy on the Alcohol
Combine sweets, fatty foods and alcoholic beverages and you’ve got all the components of a miserable case of holiday tummy. Alcohol is harsh on the stomach so make sure to take it easy when it comes to the Christmas cocktails.

Exercise the Day Before
Your body can handle copious amounts of food much better after a good workout. A solid workout complete with strength training and cardio will get your metabolism revved up. That means your body will burn up those excess calories, which means you’ll likely avoid that upset stomach and can spend the day pain-free.

So how do you avoid or relieve a case of Christmas day upset stomach?