Suffering from Tablet neck or Smartphone thumb? How to solve modern health problems

By: Aug 19, 2013
Smartphone Health Issues

If you’re suffering from modern day health issues or want to avoid them altogether, read on!

All of our gadgets and wonderful technological advancements sure do make our lives easier. But they can also lead to some rather strange health issues. So if you’re suffering from modern day health issues or want to avoid them – keep reading.

Tablet Neck and Smartphone Thumb

No matter where you go you’re apt to see people’s faces glued to their smartphones and tablets (unless you’re the one mesmerized by that frantic game of Candy Crush). All joking aside, experts are saying there has been a recent increase in people suffering from arthritis in their necks, thumbs and elbows. The same experts think the cause is from strain caused by hours and hours of time spent with technology.

Does this mean you have to give up Facebooking or Tweeting? No. But experts say you should practice good posture such as keeping your tablet or phone at chest level. And be sure to get up and stretch every 30-60 minutes.

Earbud Hearing Loss

With the list of personal media devices growing, more people are spending time with earbuds in their ears listening to music and other content. While this does bring enjoyment, it also has caused hearing loss in millions of people. The problem is twofold – Mp3 devices on full blast can subject your ears to sounds up to 100 decibels, and to make matters worse, earbuds are designed to be embedded deep in the ear canal making the effects worse.

So what’s the solution? Limit your earbud time to no more than 60 minutes per day, and keep the volume at no higher than 65% of volume. Also, try noise-cancelling headphones or go with an old school pair.

Screen-Induced Insomnia

It’s getting more common for people to spend their last moments before bed consuming content on their favourite device. While it seems relaxing, it can cause what is known as screen-induced insomnia. The bright lights, flashing colours and sounds can cause your body to believe it’s daytime. Research shows that people who spend more time on technology before bed had lower melatonin levels than those who did not.

So if you are going to relax with your iPad, Kindle or laptop – turn down the brightness on the screen and limit it to no more than 30 minutes. Also try and spend a few minutes right before bed reading a good-old fashioned book.

Offbeat Biorhythms

In a world where nothing closes – our non-stop lifestyle can cause our bodies to get out of sync. Staying up too late and not following a regular schedule often leads to circadian rhythms getting out of whack. It can also increase the risk of depression, cancer, heart disease and more. Instead of staying up into the wee hours of the night, try following a schedule that includes enough sleep and a good diet.